Thursday, March 20, 2014

The past week has-been an experience no one will forget anytime soon That. From playing with children to building walls, everyone has a new perspective. 

Everyone has built relationships with both people on the trip, and people living in the community. The importance of family and relationships was illustrated clearly throughout the week. The people in the community made family and friends a priority in Their daily life. Rather than focusing on materialistic objects, building relationships with family and neighbors came first. 

During the sports day, we saw how the children Were happy with the little they experienced, and making friends was more important than any new ball or Frisbee They Could get. Spending time with the children That Showed us develop developing strong bonds with friends lasts longer than a toy. 

A majority of the kids knew how lucky they were to be in school. They Were eager to learn and had a great sense of gratuity. 

"At the  leprosarium , I really enjoyed the communication through song, the ears Became the new eyes. "
-Chris Saxon

Quote of the Day for Tuesday

"In America there is such a focus on what's ahead and planning the steps of your life. The Haitians that we have worked with this week worry about what they are going to eat that day. I think this gives them the ability to be more present in relationships and community because their focus is on today and not tomorrow." 
- John LaFranchise

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Simple Things in Life

After a day of traveling and two days of work, everyone is exhausted, yet full of energy to make an impact on the lives of others. For the past two days, the students have helped out at a women's co-op, built the start of two homes, and visited members of the Cielo community. The girls and guys have been inspired by the positive attitudes of the people they have met and interacted with. 

"I have loved being able to connect with the people of the community, even with the language barrier" 
-Sterling Akers

The students were inspired by how the people in the community were so grateful for what they had. We often take the simple things like clean water, stable floors, and plenty of clothes, for granted. Being on this trip for even just a few days has opened everyone's eyes to a new perspective on how we go about our daily lives.